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I starting painting on canvas in 2011 because of a dream ....

In the early hours of August 27, 2008 I dreamt of a bare, empty room and in this room was a little chickadee flying around and around frantically...I saw a window with bright blue sky beyond, it seemed obvious to me that if I opened it, the little bird could fly out and be free. So I opened the window and the little chickadee flew into the light, I felt the breeze as he passed by me while looking at me - with the brightest blue eyes .....When I woke up I knew that little bird was my beautiful son Kevin wanting to be free. He passed away later that day......


This dream was very vivid and clear in my mind and my heart. I thought it would be would be amazing to see it on canvas, which would be very difficult to describe to another person my vision. So I found an amazing art teacher who was very patient with me and the result was overwhelming.


Painting continues to be a passion for me, I lose track of time and thoughts

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